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Make Life Easier with the New Smart Meter Rollout

Have you ever waited at home for hours for a technician to come read your electric meter? Those days are shortly to be over, thanks to the emerging Linky smart meter.

Linky is the new digital electricity meter to soon replace all current meters. 35 million meters are slated to be converted to the new meter as part of a smart meter rollout planned to occur over the next few years, so you can probably expect yours to be one of them.

You will also be happy to know that the new meter and its accompanying installation charges are free of charge to the customer.

Linky will connect from your home to Enedis, the administrator of the distribution network of electricity in France. It is expected to become the norm.

This means that many maintenance operations, such as connection or changing the power wattage available in your home, will be possible without a technician appointment. These services will be done by remote control within 24 hours. No more waiting for hours at your home for a technician to show up!

With the new Linky, your expected consumption will automatically be sent each month. With this:

• The fee is readjusted each month to the actual monthly consumption;
• You do not need to arrange to be home twice a year for the meter reading;
• When you move into your new home your electricity can be turned back on within 24 hours and without an appointment;
• You will not receive any unwelcome surprises when you receive your bill, as compared to when the technician came only twice a year;
• You will gain control of the ability log on to a website to follow your consumption monthly, daily or even by the hour. There is one last consideration. If your meter is located inside your home, you will have to make an appointment with Enedis to replace it! Just one last appointment to contend with!

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