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Why Smart Relocation?

Getting Settled

Settling-in can be time-consuming and sometimes even overwhelming. Whether you have selected your property with us or by your own means, Smart Relocation can assist you with that process. We will handle all the necessary paperwork to take this added stress off your shoulders.

Settle-in seamlessly

Our services to get you settled

Utility contracts

We will assist you with opening your utility contracts, including electricity, gas, and water, and provide you with all the necessary information to manage these accounts. We can also set up direct debits to make your recurring payments truly seamless and can set up your first mandatory visit for your individual gas heater.

Internet and mobile

We will help you select the best internet provider for the home you have chosen. During the housing search, we can also select homes based on the internet speed on sight for clients that require fiber optics in their home. In addition, we can connect your mobile phone plans with your internet subscription to get the best discounted rates for your entire family.

Home insurance

Proof of housing insurance is mandatory to obtain the keys to your home. This insurance will protect you against theft, water damage, fire, and civil liability. We will make sure that you receive several housing insurance proposals from reliable brokers so that you may make an informed choice between several offerings.

French bank accounts

We can help you set up your French bank account, either upon arrival in France, before you obtain your French residency, or prior to signing your lease. We can streamline this process even before you move to help make your relocation faster and simpler.

Airport transportation

We can arrange your transportation from the airport to welcome you on arrival in France. Whether you are travelling with a lot of luggage or a large family, need baby or child car seats, or simply want a reliable service to be waiting for you upon arrival, we can arrange it.

Home maintenance services

We can assist you in setting up all types of contracts for the maintenance of your home, including to upkeep and service your individual gas heater, find a housekeeper, clean your pool, tend your garden, or sweeping your chimney, just to name a few. We can help you find any provider and can take care of setting up an appropriate contract.

Furniture and appliance rentals

If you are occupying your new home prior to the arrival of your container or prefer to rent an unfurnished property and do not own any furniture, we can assist you in renting or buying furniture and household appliances.

Property hotline assistance

Depending on your needs, a permanent telephone hotline can be reserved for you. The hotline can be available for the first month of housing, the first three months, or for the duration of your stay in France.

Home decoration

Buying a new home or looking to redecorate after you have moved? Our home decorator can help you purchase the right furniture for the home ambiance you seek. They can also interface with your architect or oversee your renovation from painting your walls to lighting your various rooms.