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Why Smart Relocation?

Tax Assistance

Declare your taxes effortlessly

Tax return assistance

Declaring your revenues can be a frustrating process and without prior knowledge of the French system, it is easy for you to miss out on financial incentives which could lower your tax burden. Our specialized experts know the ins and outs of taxation in France, they can assist you with your first tax declarations and will explain the whole process to you to ensure you are fully able to file your following declarations without any trouble.   

Fiscal advice

France has made it a national priority to attract foreign talent and has put in place a variety of tax incentives to do so. At Smart Relocation, we make it a mission to stay current in French fiscal policy to ensure we can offer the best advice to our clients. If you are a French citizen, we can also inform you of the advantages of accepting a job offer in France after having worked aboard for a certain number of years.