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Galettes des Rois Season

It’s galette season in France! (Galettes des Rois, that is, or “King Cake.”)

We very much look forward to these delicious pastries and the fun tradition around eating them every year. Children (and sometimes even adults ) love to slide under the table to announce who gets which piece, each person hoping to get the slice with the small porcelain figurine (or “fève”) hidden inside and, of course, then receive the paper crown to be worn!

Two crowns are sometimes given so that the winner can choose his/her king or queen!  Figurines can also vary from bakery to bakery. The feast of the galette and discovery of the hidden figurine is always a joyful moment, accompanied generally by apple cider or apple juice, and possibly even champagne.

Galettes are delicious puff pastries that are densely filled with an almond and butter-based filling (called frangipane). They are sold in nearly all bakeries throughout France during the month of January. You cannot miss them! And you can find them in all sizes, depending on the size of your party.

By the end of each January, we have all typically had enough galette to last us until next year. Indeed, these royal cakes are traditionally sold in bakeries around the Epiphany (or Three Kings day), as a celebration of this Christian feast day. How many have you eaten so far this season?

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