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Why Smart Relocation?

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Finding your permanent home

Housing search

Smart Relocation will save you precious time and energy by helping you find exactly what you are looking for, whether that is a furnished or an unfurnished property, to rent or to buy, in Paris or anywhere else in France. Our extensive network of real estate professionals, which includes institutional owners, real estate agencies, as well as private owners, allows us to help you find your best housing opportunity.

Accompanied visits

Our housing search team completes an extensive search of the local real estate market to offer you housing choices that match your selection criteria. We set up appointments for you to visit these properties accompanied by your dedicated consultant.

Virtual property tours

The pandemic changed the way people relocate. In the past year, we started proposing virtual visits to allow our clients to see properties without being physically present. We will be your eyes and ears on the ground, pointing out both positive and potentially negative aspects of each property so that you can make a fully informed decision from a distance.

Rental dossier

The French real estate market is extremely competitive and property owners are demanding in the selection of their tenants. We will work with you to prepare a convincing housing dossier which will highlight why you would make the perfect tenant. When you come upon a decision, we will make your interest known quickly and ensure you are selected.

Lease validation

Our team is composed of real estate experts that will carefully examine the terms of your lease and make any request for amendments which they deem necessary. We also review all the mandatory property diagnostics including the report on lead paint, asbestos, and the safety of the electric and gas systems.

Check-in inspection

The check-in inspection is an essential part of any lease. During your appointment, your property will be carefully documented as it stands. Your dedicated consultant will assist you during this appointment to ensure that any damage is carefully indicated to avoid the risk that you would be named as the responsible party when you leave. At the end of the inspection, you will receive your keys and will become a proud new resident.

Short-term accommodations

Whether you are moving to France temporarily on a short-term contract, have found an apartment but are waiting for your furniture to arrive from abroad, or simply would like to discover your new environment before committing to a specific neighborhood, we can help you find a short-term solution.

Short-term corporate housing

We can find the perfect temporary accommodation to suit your needs for the duration of your housing search. Many of our clients choose corporate housing because departures are usually more flexible, which makes it easier to end the short-term booking with the start of the long-term rental.

Temporary assignment accommodations

If you are moving to France for a temporary assignment, we can help you choose between the various options available to you, including a mobility lease for properties with a nine-month contract.

Making good use of the Mobili-Pass® subsidy

Mobili-Pass® funded by Action Logement

Did you know that you or your employee may be eligible for a subsidy covering our fees for the home search? If the signature of the lease occurs within six months of the start of the new work contract, or before end of the probation period, the commute is significant, meaning above 70 km, and if your company contributes to the scheme managed by Action Logement, then it is very likely that you are eligible for this subsidy. All companies with more than 50 employees in France contribute to this fund, and their employees are generally eligible for the subsidy. Please contact us for more information.

Fully subsidized home search

If you meet the eligibility criteria set by Action Logement, we can manage your home search at no cost to you or your company. The subsidy covers our fees, and we would be paid directly for the home search by Action Logement.

Please feel free to contact us and we will assess whether you and your company are eligible for this subsidy.