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Gold Package

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Gold Package

Gold Package

  • Our Gold relocation package is tailored to those who want a full-service relocation.
  • This package covers all your relocation needs to find long-term housing in France, get settled in your new home, and beyond. In addition to our Silver package services, we will setup all your internet and cell phone subscriptions.

Home finding services

  • Rigorous selection of properties based on your requirements
  • Organization of a day of property visits
  • Transportation of the whole family to each property
  • Professional assistance and advice during each visit
  • Preparation of a complete housing dossier
  • Negotiations of the lease conditions
  • Complete lease application and submission
  • Confirmation and detailed explanation of the terms of the lease
  • Assistance during the signature of the lease

Settling-in services

  • Organization of the home entry inspection
  • Organization of the home entry inspection
  • Assistance during the inspection to ensure you are not held accountable for any potential pre-existing damage
  • Installation services including setting up utility contracts (electricity, gas, water)
  • Setting up the housing insurance contract
  • Interfacing with the landlord/property management agency for all property related issues encountered during the entry inspection

Gold-specific settling-in services

  • Setting up internet and cell-phone subscriptions
  • Setting up any other contracts not included in previous packages but that are mandatory as per rental obligations (maintenance contract for individual gas heater, gardener etc.)
  • Support up to one-month past entry with all questions related to your property

Any extra Smart Relocation service can always be requested à la carte later.