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Why Smart Relocation?

Concierge Services

Full-service assistance

After you are settled into your home, we can assist you with a multitude of additional services as the need arises throughout your stay in France. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For example, we can help you resolve any situation you may find too complex to handle alone or lack the time to deal with. We can also simply direct you towards the competent authorities for any specific problem (phone theft, water damage in your home, neighbor issues, etc.).

Some of the services we can provide in this respect are :

  • Management of lease renewals
  • Renewal of maintenance contracts
  • Arranging for a locksmith if you get locked out
  • Reporting an incident to police authorities
  • Management of insurance claims and repairs (theft, water damage, etc.)
  • Organization of the mandatory maintenance visits (chimney sweeping, annual gas boiler maintenance, etc.)
  • Interfacing between the landlord and tenant on property damage and repairs