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Why Smart Relocation?

Immigration Formalities

Our immigration services

Visa and resident card

Our immigration experts have extensive experience working through the French bureaucracy and can streamline your application process so that you may obtain your visa and resident card with ease. We will manage your immigration to France, providing you with a timeline of the different steps to take to the receive your visa and resident card. If you are moving with a family, we can also manage their applications.

Long-stay visas

If you are moving to France without a French work contract, we can help you obtain a long-term stay permit for you and your family and manage your yearly renewals.

Travel document for foreign minors

If you have minor children, we will help you obtain their travel passes in place of resident cards, which will allow them to freely leave and re-enter France.

SIPSI declaration

If you will be working on secondment in France on your foreign work contract, we can assist you with the SIPSI declarations for posted workers.

Resident permit for spouse of French or European citizen

If you are a French or European citizen but your spouse is not, they must apply for a resident permit. We can facilitate this process.