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Why Smart Relocation?

Discovering France

Moving can feel like jumping into the unknown. It can be daunting. That’s why Smart Relocation offers two types of orientation tours, one prior to arriving, and another once you have chosen your place of residence, to ensure you get to know your environment and feel right at home here in France. We also provide information packages filled with practical advice on getting settled.

Get to know your new region

Orientation services

“Discovery” tours

We offer half-day and full-day orientation visits to get you better acquainted with your new city prior to moving-in. During this tour, we will walk you through the inner workings of everyday life in France, from transportation to banking, healthcare, shopping, schools, and more. Based on your budget and future office location, we will show you several properties to give you an idea of the available housing options. If you are relocating with children, visiting schools is also a possibility.

“Welcome” tours

Moving always entails challenges for the entire family, but we therefore know from experience that these problems can be solved, or better, can be avoided. Our half-day and full-day welcome tours aim to help your family better understand the people and culture in which you are immersed to ensure you feel at home as quickly as possible and can appreciate life in your new environment.

Information package

Our orientation booklet includes information on the French real estate market and getting settled in France. Based on your destination, you will also receive a presentation on the different local neighborhoods to help you get acquainted with your new city. Our package also includes practical information on banks, shops, insurance, and healthcare in France.