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Why Smart Relocation?

Training and Coaching

Moving to a France for the first time or returning here after having lived abroad can be challenging as a number of cultural and linguistic differences can complicate the process. What’s more, companies which relocate employees invest a tremendous amount to do so, making the relocation’s success even more paramount. That’s why we offer several training and coaching services to ensure expatriates and inpatriates feel at home in France and to ensure our corporate clients get the most out of their recruitment.

Cultural and language trainings

Smart Relocation offers the tools necessary for expatriates and inpatriates to adapt or readapt to life in France, and for employers to maximize their talent investments.

Intercultural sessions

Our intercultural sessions take into account your professional background and your family’s expectations. They address topics related to life in France, giving insights into French culture and understanding the French. This half-day program is tailored to all members of your family so that they may better understand the differences between your home country and France and ultimately, so that all your relatives can adapt and thrive in their new lives.

Language training

We coordinate French language training courses for you and your spouse based on your needs and your company’s budget. The courses can be given in office to several employees at once, on a one-to-one basis and in person, or via video conference.

Corporate trainings

Evaluation of intercultural adaptability

Overseas assignments are expensive. If you are considering recruiting a candidate or transferring an employee to France, we can evaluate the intercultural adaptability of your employee and their spouse prior to the assignment. Testing them in advance will ensure a successful recruitment or transfer by evaluating cross-cultural fit. Our cultural experts will manage this evaluation.

Impatriate integration coaching

If you are onboarding an expatriate, expat coaching will help your employee adjust quickly and successfully to their new position, team, and company culture. In the long run, this will increase your talent retention rates for both your international expatriates and returning French impatriates, and team productivity will increase as tensions and misunderstandings between colleagues will be reduced. Our certified career coach will help your employees speed up their integration into their new workplace.

Career coaching for expat spouses

Moving to a new country can require the spouse to rethink their professional career, which can be a daunting task. Our consultants can therefore assist the accompanying spouse in their job search by helping them market their skills to fit the French labor market. Coaching your employee’s spouse will improve the chances of a successful family relocation and ultimately, will ensure the retention of your new talent.