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Silver package

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Silver package

Silver Package

  • Our Silver relocation package is perfect to help you find long-term housing in France and settle into your new lives with ease.

Home finding services

  • Rigorous selection of properties based on your requirements
  • Organization of a day of property visits
  • Transportation of the whole family to each property
  • Professional assistance and advice during each visit
  • Preparation of a complete housing dossier
  • Negotiations of the lease conditions
  • Complete lease application and submission
  • Confirmation and detailed explanation of the terms of the lease
  • Assistance during the signature of the lease

Settling-in services

  • Organization of the home entry inspection
  • Assistance during the inspection to ensure you are not held accountable for any potential pre-existing damage
  • Installation services including setting up utility contracts (electricity, gas, water)
  • Setting up the housing insurance contract

Any extra Smart Relocation service can always be requested à la carte later.