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Why Smart Relocation?

Smart Relocation
for our:

1. Tailor-made offering

People have very different needs and expectations. We have therefore built an offering that is not only wide, but that can also be tailored to fit each client’s specific situation. Smart Relocation proposes several standard packages which are comprised of different bundles of services at extremely competitive rates to fit any budget. We also propose hundreds of services à la carte for those whose situations require especially unique solutions. From your home search to your immigration process, we are here to for you.

2. Relocation expertise

At Smart Relocation, we understand that moving can be a truly stressful process. That’s why our experts are the best in their field. They are located throughout France, speak several languages, and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mobility. We are also committed to life-long learning and encourage our consultants to take regular trainings to ensure they are always up to date with every legal change in the real estate industry.
We also know that France has a strong and vibrant culture with specific regional differences that can be hard to navigate. From its exquisite cuisines to its eccentric fashion and its pleasant art de vivre, our professional partners are all experts on the intricacies of French culture and are passionate about putting their knowledge of life in France to work for you.

3. National network and local connections

We believe quality relocation services can only be delivered by local experts, which is why our team is present on the ground in each of France’s 13 unique regions and in all major metropolitan areas. Our consultants are highly specialized professionals who know their cities like none other and have extensive networks in every industry related to professional mobility. Smart Relocation is somewhat of a local stop and shop for relocation with contacts in every regional administration and with experts who know the ins and outs of each local real estate market.

4. Focus on client satisfaction

Smart Relocation’s core purpose is to serve you. We will not be satisfied until you are settled and fully content in your new life. That’s why our mission does not end with your move-in date, but rather once we are certain that you have absolutely everything you need to thrive in your new home. Our commitment to client satisfaction helps explain why we have consistently received excellent customer reviews.

5. Industry recognition

Our company upholds the highest ethical standards based on the codes of conduct issued by several associations of relocation professionals, and the quality and professionalism of our work is known and recognized in the industry. Smart Relocation is notably a Member of the European Relocation Association and of the Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocation et de la Mobilité (SNPRM), the French national union of relocation experts.

6. Cultural awareness

At Smart Relocation, we understand that a successful relocation occurs with the professional and social fulfillment of our client and their family in their new life, but we also realize that cultural differences and language barriers can complicate that process. That’s why we have placed cultural awareness at the center of our mission. Each member of our team has extensive experience working with international clients, speaks several languages, and genuinely cares about understanding your needs to ensure your move is as pleasant and seamless as possible.